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Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a year-round natural looking enhancement with wow factor!

Lash extensions draw more attention to your eyes than mascara alone, and 24/7, so you’ll look fab when you wake up, after your workout, in the office, on the beach.

One lash at a time, we’ll frame your eyes with a long, thick, luxurious set. Single strands (optional length) of high quality synthetic mink lashes are applied onto your natural lashes to enhance and extend. Beautify will create a bespoke look, using a variety of extensions to build the right volume, length and curl for your unique style. With proper care, your extensions can last 4-6 weeks. You should expect to shed most of them throughout the growth cycle of your natural lashes. Eyelashes grow for 3-6 weeks and have a resting stage of 3-4 months. Lash extensions are delicate, exposure to steam or extremely hot water, and touching, picking, or rubbing your lashes can weaken the adhesive bond on your extensions.

Russian, Classic and Hybrids eyelash extension styles are available.

Infills are like touch-ups for your extensions. Performed regularly, they’ll keep your lashes looking full and luscious. You may need them more or less often depending on how well you look after your extensions, your natural lash cycle, and the style of your initial set. Typically, clients get infills every 2-3 weeks, however some clients prefer to replace their full set every 4-6 weeks.

Classic & Russian Eyelash Extensions Price List

Description Time Price
Russian Eyelash Extensions* 120 mins £55.00
Infill of Russian Eyelash Extensions at 2weeks 60 mins £35.00
Classic Eyelash Extensions (one-by-one)* 90 mins £45.00
Infill of Eyelash Extensions 60 mins £30.00
Eyebrow tinting* 10 mins £9.00
Eyelash tinting* 25 mins £12.00

Additional Information

*A patch test will be required no less than 24 hours prior to appointment. Before coming to your appointment make sure your eyelashes are squeaky clean – no traces of eye makeup. Use an oil-free make up remover if possible, and rinse well. Whilst the eye lashes are applied your eyes will need to be closed for the majority of the time.

Infill prices can vary depending on time left between appointments.

Eyelash appointments are only available in home salon not mobile.

Beauty & Nail Salon
Burghfield, Reading

All treatments are available at the Beautify Nail Salon in Reading; open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning (by appointment only). A parking space is always made available on the drive.

Gemma Souden
Nail & Beauty Therapist

My mobile salon service only offers Nail Treatments (Gel Nails, UV Polish, manicures and pedicures) on limited days. All I require is somewhere close to park my car (lot’s to carry), a plug socket for the UV lamp boxes and a chair for us both.