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Gel Nails

Permanent & Natural

Beautify gel nail salon provide a professional range of LCN and En Vogue Gel Nail treatments. Gel Nails are a revolutionary light cured uv resin nail system with great flexibility, unbeatable adhesion and virtually no lifting. The Gel is a supportive overlay to natural nails or nail extensions. By having a high quality Gel Nail system you only need an infill every 4-5 weeks.

Gel Nail Price List

Description Time Price
Full set of permanent french gel nail extensions 90 mins £48.00
Full set of natural gel nail extensions 75 mins £41.00
Overlay of permanent french gel on natural nails 75 mins £38.00
Overlay of clear gel on natural nails 75 mins £31.00
Infill of permanent french gel nails* 75 mins £38.00
Infill of natural gel nails* 60 mins £31.00
Individual nails 25 mins £6.00
Sealant and buff of gel 30 mins £15.00
Shellac or Recolution UV colour nail polish with a layer of gel* 75 mins £36.00
Add Shellac or Recolution UV colour polish to sealant & buff of gel 50 mins £7.00*
Removal of gel nail extensions 30 mins £20.00
Gel toe nails (permanent french or a range of colours) 40 mins £30.00
Diamonte’s, glitter sealent or stickers 0 mins £0.50

Additional Information

*Needs to be done every 4-5 weeks. To maintain and keep gel nails you must avoid using cleaning chemicals with your fingers. You need to protect your nails by wearing gloves. If you paint over the gel nails with polish and then want to remove it, only use Acetone-free remover to protect the gel overlay.

Beauty & Nail Salon
Burghfield, Reading

All treatments are available at the Beautify Nail Salon in Reading; open Tuesday and Thursday (by appointment only). A parking space is always made available on the drive. Appointments can be scheduled on other days, but are subject to availability.

Gemma Souden
Nail & Beauty Therapist

My mobile salon service only offers Nail Treatments (Gel Nails, UV Polish, manicures and pedicures) Monday, Friday and Saturday. All I require is somewhere close to park my car (lot’s to carry), a plug socket for the UV lamp boxes and a chair for us both.