Beautify Gel Nail Salon

Hair Removal & Waxing

From top-lip to leg wax

Beautify offer a refreshing and friendly relaxed service to our hair removal treatments whilst being thorough with high standards throughout. We use hot and strip wax and by Adam and Eve, followed by soothing lotions that leave your skin silky smooth and refreshed.

Hot wax is applied as a thick layer, ensuring a good coating of each hair. As the wax cools down, it hardens and becomes easy to remove without the aid of any material strips, taking all the hair with it. This method is beneficial to people with more sensitive skin, as it is less painful, and it also reduces the chance of getting any ingrowing hairs afterwards.

Strip wax is spread thinly and evenly over the skin surface, a paper strip is then pressed on top of the warm wax. This strip is then peeled off in a quick movement, against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax, along with the hair.

Hair Removal Price List

Description Time Price
Half leg wax (foot to just above knee) 40 mins £18.00
Underarm wax 10 mins £11.00
Eyebrow wax* 10 mins £8.00
Eyebrow wax & upper lip 10 mins £15.00
Eyebrow tinting* 10 mins £9.00

Additional Information

When having waxing done please wear loose old clothing incase any sticky leftover wax becomes transferred to your clothes.

Beauty & Nail Salon
Burghfield, Reading

All treatments are available at the Beautify Nail Salon in Reading; open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (by appointment only). A parking space is always made available on the drive. Appointments can be scheduled on other days, but are subject to availability.

Gemma Souden
Nail & Beauty Therapist

My mobile salon service is limited only offers Nail Treatments (Gel Nails, UV Polish, manicures and pedicures) Monday andFriday. All I require is somewhere close to park my car (lot’s to carry), a plug socket for the UV lamp boxes and a chair for us both.